My 30th Trip to South Africa

Chronologically, I may not be a kid anymore, but on this beautiful May day in 2000 I felt like one: we had actually purchased a farm in Africa! That the Wabooms River (more a strong, year-round creek) was still flowing strongly behind me in late fall was very encouraging. The Wabooms rages in the winter and then becomes tame for the rest of the year. But it’s always comforting to farmers to see running water year round. Dave Jefferson

On Friday, September 14th, I’ll make my second trip of this year to the Beloved Country, and my 30th trip since April 1994, then my first trip to South Africa. If “self actualization” is being confused between work and play, being in the Western Cape is near-perfect self actualization. However, the trip from CA (10,000 miles) and the time zone changes (9 or 10, depending upon Daylight Saving status in CA) is strictly work. Continue reading “My 30th Trip to South Africa”

Lions Drift: What’s it Mean?


We chose the Lions Drift brand name a few years back but awaited the appropriate moment for introduction with a proven and tested superior product. By 2008 we had sufficiently mature vines and were enjoying large enough crops that Silkbush could supply both our client wineries and have enough grapes available for wines under our own Lions Drift label.

In the interim, so many wine labels with animals on them came out that, as a grouping, the trade often refers to them as “critter wines.” However, we don’t think many will associate the noble Lion King, emblematic of Africa, with many little critters, as cute as they may be. Continue reading “Lions Drift: What’s it Mean?”

History of Silkbush’s First Wine, A Pinotage


Wondering why we have selected Pinotage as Silkbush Mountain Vineyards first export wine?  First and foremost, we know we have a terrific wine made from exceptional Pinotage grapes.

Bruce Jack, the highly talented and internationally recognized winemaker and founder of Flagstone Winery has been purchasing Silkbush Pinotage for several years. Bruce has been very laudatory of the fruit and our vineyard manager, Anton Roos. But the payoff was June 26, 2009 at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show, one of the two most prestigious shows in South Africa. Continue reading “History of Silkbush’s First Wine, A Pinotage”

Stay at Our South African Wine Farm

Our Guest Cottage

The overall feel and appointments of the Kingsbury Cottage are viewed as First Class. To start, there are two bedrooms with one King-sized bed, the other, two twins, separated by the two bathrooms, all with new linens. In the air-conditioned cottage, we have a cast iron stove in the living room, heated slate floors, an outside braai (BBQ), firewood, and outside chairs and table, as well as an  and a large hot tub. In short, we believe anyone enjoying a stay with us will feel like they own Silkbush Mountain Vineyard, even if it is only for a few days. Most days, the sunrises are spectacular, the birds are your alarm clocks, and the sunsets take your breath away. Continue reading “Stay at Our South African Wine Farm”

Meet Anton Roos, Our Vineyard Manager

Our talented vineyard manager and partner, Anton Roos was raised in City of Worcester (a suburb not a farm) about 35 minutes from Silkbush. In high school, he decided that he wanted to go into grape growing and was one of the first graduates of the University of Stellenbosch’s Viticulture and Enology program in 1995.Following graduation, he worked as a Vineyard Consultant for VinPro until 1999 and the Vineyard Manager at Deetlefs Estate until he met Dave Jefferson and was hired as Silkbush’s Vineyard General Manager. He also served a Director at Wabooms Cooperative Winery from 2002 to 2012. Continue reading “Meet Anton Roos, Our Vineyard Manager”