Silkbush Brochure

ABOUT US while Johann [BSc (Microbiology)] is looking after Sales and Marketing. Vinification, bottling and warehousing is done at a central location in Stellenbosch, which sim- plifies logistics and establishes excellent quality control. Silkbush Mountain Vineyards aims to establish itself as a world player in the production of top quality grapes for the production of high end wines destined for global markets. We are always looking to develop lasting long term relationships in order to achieve this goal. Silkbush is an established vineyard, produc- ing roughly 1100 tons of grapes yearly. We are focused on producing quality grapes for six dif- ferent wineries with established brands, includ- ing our own. Silkbush delivers grapes to many well-known wineries such as KWV, Guardian- Peak, Val de Vie and Painted Wolf. We have a production capacity of roughly 750 000 litres of wine per year, equivalent to almost 80 000 dozen bottle cases of wine. We do have access to much larger quantities of wine, if needed.