Meet Anton Roos, Our Vineyard Manager

Our talented vineyard manager and partner, Anton Roos was raised in City of Worcester (a suburb not a farm) about 35 minutes from Silkbush. In high school, he decided that he wanted to go into grape growing and was one of the first graduates of the University of Stellenbosch’s Viticulture and Enology program in 1995.Following graduation, he worked as a Vineyard Consultant for VinPro until 1999 and the Vineyard Manager at Deetlefs Estate until he met Dave Jefferson and was hired as Silkbush’s Vineyard General Manager. He also served a Director at Wabooms Cooperative Winery from 2002 to 2012.

Anton is tri-lingual: Afrikaans, English, and MicroSoft.  Also he speaks some Lesotho , good spoken and written English and he’s highly computer and Internet literate.

Prior to the Silkbush property’s acquisition in early 2000, Anton was in charge of all due diligence for his offshore partners. Without prior experience, he developed, almost from scratch, a 215 acre hillside vineyard, design of irrigation system, including drilling new wells and expansion of a major water dam, selection of 11 different cultivars for planting, oversaw remodeling the Manager’s house and construction and landscaping of the Kingsbury Cottage, modification of an existing barn into vineyard office and construction of new worker’s triplex and electrification of existing workers cottages. Anton has also been responsible for negotiation of all grape purchase agreements with independent wineries and has provided consulting advice for adjacent vineyard developments. Dave Jefferson, General Manager & Partner often says that Anton is his greatest find.

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