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Our Guest Cottage

The overall feel and appointments of the Kingsbury Cottage are viewed as First Class. To start, there are two bedrooms with one King-sized bed, the other, two twins, separated by the two bathrooms, all with new linens. In the air-conditioned cottage, we have a cast iron stove in the living room, heated slate floors, an outside braai (BBQ), firewood, and outside chairs and table, as well as an  and a large hot tub. In short, we believe anyone enjoying a stay with us will feel like they own Silkbush Mountain Vineyard, even if it is only for a few days. Most days, the sunrises are spectacular, the birds are your alarm clocks, and the sunsets take your breath away.


The kitchen is fully equipped and our ironwood dining room table comfortabley seats six Iif you do intend to have meals in, please plan your food carefully as Worcester grocery stores are at least 35 minutes distant, way too far to run for a quart of milk. We also highly recommend for at least one dinner an exceptional country restaurant, the Mill and Oaks, about 20 minutes drive in the Ceres direction, and Opstal Estate, about 30 minutes away on Wine Route 1, in the Slanghoek direction. Closer, about 10 minutes away, is a family bush pub, the legendary Calabash, that serves simple meals and is a wonderful throwback to earlier days. Still closer is Bergsig Estate, which serves a lovely breakfast and luncheons in a very tastefully appointed dining room. You will be treated well wherever you go in this valley for a meal or camaraderie.


As you might expect, our onsite partners/managers, Anton and Franci Roos, book all requests for reservations. We are all very proud of the new home and want to offer it only to those who wish the opportunity to be on an operating vineyard in the Breedekloof district and who will take exceptional care of the property. The daily rate, which may be varied by season and holidays, has been initially set at R1 200/night (about US$170/night) with a two night minimum. This is definitely a NON SMOKING property, and violations of this policy will not be accepted. The Kingsbury is an upscale home, and we expect everyone to treat it at least as well as their own.

In general, the Roos will accept reservations starting 60 days prior to the first night of occupancy. (Our off shore partners are required to make any advance reservations prior to such cutoff time and generally will do so in conjunction with the need to make longer term travel plans.) Reservations will normally be made by accepted bank transfer or debit charge for the first night’s lodging. More detailed matters will be handled on a case by case basis by the Roos, who speak both Afrikaans and English.

In general, the Roos ask that initial contact be made via the email and they will promptly respond; they check their emails every day they are on the farm. Phone contact is more for refinements once a firm reservation is made, and the dates desired are available, for checking in at the vineyard office upon arrival, or for emergencies. As the Roos have three young sons, please be respectful of normal family hours in making contact. (Early and late calls will normally go onto an answering machine.)

The cottage is normally locked and has a hard-wired security system. In the cottage office, there is high speed Internet service (bring your laptop), a printer, and satellite TV service. Cellular phone service is very good in this region, and guests are expected to bring their own cell phones. (The manager’s home is about a mile below the cottage, so one cannot dash across the yard to ask a question.)

We normally would expect that occupancy would not exceed four people.

Watch the Video, narrated by Dave, showing you the ropes about organizing a stay on Silkbush Mountain.

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